First Amendment Social Media Concept & Model

"Our Mission"

Our First Priority and main goal is to offer an Organic, non bias platform for journalists to exerciser their 1st amendment with no interference from us. We do not push any political views to the Right or Left, but we let our users and its viewers control and run the narrative.

Personal News Studios

We want to Create a platform for Journalists based on Journalism, A place were users can create their own News Studios to showcase breaking stories & create News Post & News Show's. A Social media platform of its own for the sole purpose of Journalism and News. 

Build a Following & Earn an Income

We also want our users to be able to generate an income for their Journalism. Our platform is being designed with a concept of a fair play-ground with equal opportunity and for its user to be able to generate an income through multiple channels built within the platform. Users News Post will be given non bias exposure based on organic stats with no interference from us. Users can build a following as well as Subscribers, to create News tailored to their audience for a stable platform & income.

User Experience

We want our users to have a pleasurable experience while you’re using First Amendment Social Media. We are passionate about what we do here! With a model of turning functionality into True Art, creating a platform that's Fun, Pleasurable, functional, beautiful and vibrant! We strive to provide the best user experience by using the latest technologies and best practices. Over the years we have researched, tested, and created various functionalities to improve your experience on the platform. We hope you enjoy the finished product and provide feedback as we continue to build and enhance the features and experience.

Concept & Model

Our Model and concept is based on a Social Media Platform for News Only! For Journalists and for everyday people like You and Me "We" to become their own Journalists to exercise our "Birth Right" the Freedom of the Press for true checks & balances, to scale justice and to determine the truth from the lies.

A platform to get the latest news,
"The Peoples News"

Development In Progress!

Stay Tuned!





Be your own Journalist!
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