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Help give The People a real Voice were they can truly be heard, so we may really hear whats on their minds.

Let's work together to Preserve our First Amendment

A country where we can exercise our opinion and expression as individuals Freely without fear, giving All of Us a Real Voice and true opportunity regardless of race, religion or party. Creating the very fertile ground needed were true innovation and revenue can flourish, for a truly Free Society and market.

Set The Building Blocks

For a true organic, non bias platform for journalists to exerciser their 1st amendment with no interference.

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Get on the Team! Based in Northern, CA, First Amendment Social Media has remote positions available as well.

  • Marketing

    We are looking for individuals who are motivated and think outside the box.
  • Engineering

    We are looking for people looking to keep us on the cutting edge.
  • Product & Design

    We're looking for passionate people who can turn functionality into True Art.
  • Operations

    We’re looking for people who know how to get things done and keeps the ship moving forward.
  • Contribute Your Time

    We are in the processes of forming a Team to complete The First Amend  Project. 





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